Getting Recertified

Certification is awarded for a period of three years. In order to remain certified, individuals must meet the recertification requirements. Certified persons must agree to continue to abide by and uphold the Code of Ethics and the policies of the Commission, which include continued appropriate and authorized use of the certificate, logo, and marks. Certified persons must pay the current recertification fee. Recertification requirements are based upon the philosophy of continued competence, and as such, certified persons must meet the recertification requirements as determined and defined by the Commission. Credits applied toward meeting the recertification requirements must be completed during the certification cycle. Credits may not be carried over from one certification cycle to the next.

Thirty points (30) must be earned within the recertification cycle, with 1 point = 1 hour of activity. Certification is awarded for a period of three years; transportation project professionals must recertify every three years.

The following are the requirements for recertification:

1) Mandatory work experience*: work at least two years total within the three-year certification cycle:


  • Complete 30 points in training in safety and in the following categories related to the competency requirements of the transportation project professional:

At least 5 points in each of the following areas:

  • Management skills
  • Maintenance of traffic/temporary traffic control and roadway users
  • Transportation construction safety and health

At least 5 points (combined) in the following areas:

  • Incident investigation and corrective measures
  • Emergency preparedness and management


  • Take the certification exam: awarded 30 points for passing.
  • Must work at least two years total within the three-year certification cycle.
  • Agree to abide by and uphold the Code of Ethics.

*Experience is defined as a job classification including, but not limited to, laborer, skilled labor, operator, foremen, superintendent, project manager, construction manager, engineer, safety professional, risk manager, inspector, surveyor, or estimator. Internships qualify as experience.

Reviewing Applications

All applications for recertification must be reviewed by qualified certification personnel. Applications must be filled out entirely, with complete and accurate information, prior to review. Payment must accompany the application. The agreement to uphold and abide by the Code of Ethics and the Policies of the Commission must be verified. The certified person must be notified within 15 business days of receipt of the application and approval of recertification status.

Denial of Recertification

Any applicant who does not meet the recertification requirements must be notified that their recertification has been denied within 15 days of receipt of denial. The reasons for the denial shall be indicated.

Appeal of Denial of Recertification

Applicants who are denied recertification may request reconsideration of the decision of denial by making an Appeal to the Commission. Requests for an appeal must be made no later than 30 days after the applicant is denied. Within 60 days of the receipt of the written appeal, the Commission must conclude its deliberations. The decision of the Appeal is final.