Safety Certification
for Transportation
Project Professionals™

Our vision is to ensure the safety and well-being of construction workers, motorists, truck drivers, pedestrians and their families by making transportation project sites worldwide zero-incident zones.

Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals
Safety Director - Superior Construction
Bryan Stone
“The SCTPP allows an individual to demonstrate their personal commitment to safety. The knowledge gained helps identify hazards and solutions to mitigate risks, which elevates safety for an individual and the entire project team.”
For Individuals
Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals
CEO & Chairman - Allan Myers
Ross Myers
Putting our safety training program to the test to ensure our employees go home safe every day.
For Companies
Safety Certification for Transportation Project Professionals
State Department of Transportation
“The credential is our commitment to our consultants, contractors and the public, that we share in their pursuit of excellence- zero free incident zones.”
For Agencies

Earning the professional certification also provides you with a competitive edge in the work place because it demonstrates your command of internationally-recognized core competencies for safety awareness and risk management on transportation projects.

Over 300 transportation construction firms and state DOTs have submitted candidates for certification

Safer project sites

Show that the safety of people in and around your transportation project sites is a top priority

Competitive edge

Demonstrate your commitment to reducing liability and making your project sites incident free

flexible requirements

Applicants can choose from three different eligibility options accanodated to their educational backgrounds and work experience

Am I Eligible?

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